For this project, I work directly with the Director of the compagny BTPGA. They Specialize in Public Works and established in South of France and is the largest private company in the area.

This compagny trusted me completely, asking me to rethink its visual identity. To better respond to his request, I create a new logo reproducing a construction machine integrated in a similar form of a construction sign. A form like this and recognizable with the green and white color that is used as the company's colors. I also created business cards and the necessary communications with this imagery.



    C: 85     M: 25     Y: 100    B: 09

    R : 15     G: 125   B: 45


    C: 00     M: 00     Y: 00    B: 00

    R : 255     G: 255   B: 255


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